Still Life With Woodpecker

Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins had been sitting on my shelf unread for nearly a decade before I finally picked it up.  I think I would have loved it had I read it when I first meant to, sometime in my mid 20's when I was more interested in long poetic digressions.  Now, I found it to be pretty good, but frustrating.  It's a whimsical, melancholic fairy-tale-like story with political and romantic themes that are very resonant now, despite being written some four decades ago.  


I found some of the wacky similes and metaphors charming, ie “She wandered the room like a vacuum cleaner with insomnia.”  Others just seemed trite.  (no one old enough for a driver's license is giggling at the mention of Mrs. Claus's dildo.).  Overall, I do recommend it, but I don't feel a strong urge to read another of Robbins' books.  I think I get the idea.


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